Safer Survival Tools for Little Warriors.

Fiercely dedicated to creating safer neonatal and pediatric tools, WarriorNP introduces the ArcAngel – the only adjustable, multi-functional endotracheal tube holder designed with our little warriors’ comfort and safety as the priority.

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The WarriorNP Difference.

Safer NICU & PICU Medical Devices

Warrior NP products always protect and improve their well-being ensuring a safe environment and experience for patients and nurses.

Patient-First Child-Centered Products

Warrior NP puts the care of the child first allowing the safety and comfort of the patients to lead us in the development of the most effective neonatal and pediatric devices.

Innovative Creators of Effective Solutions

Warrior NP redefines the industry standards continuously challenging and reinventing ineffective and outdated NICU & PICU medical devices and products.

Our Products.

ArcAngel is a secure, adjustable, multi-functional neonatal and pediatric endotracheal tube holder that eliminates tape and increases ETT/NGT placement accuracy. 

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Invented by a NICU Nurse and Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Angele’s Wipes wipes are designed to make the removal of medical adhesives easy and pain-free for patients, while also minimizing the risk of skin irritation and damage. May be used as massage and skin oil.

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Redefining the Lifesaving Tools that Protect Our Most Vulnerable.

With over 20 years of first-hand experience, WarriorNP has a vision to equip and empower every NICU and PICU worldwide with innovative patient-first medical devices and products.